Supply Chain Solutions
Port X Logistics works alongside customers to help identify pain points along their supply chain then partners to create a more efficient, leaner and agile network of action.  We will provide you with our vast knowledge of the North American transportation market and set you up with the best cost and service combination, while allowing you to use our revolutionary software.  Our goal is to provide visibility from Purchase Order to Production in the cloud on any device. 

Port Drayage

With our combination of Assets, Owner Operators, and Logistics network we have the capability to provide drayage services at every port and rail ramp in North America.  California to New York, we have you covered.

Transload Services

Whether it’s a 40’general purpose container, palletized, legal weight, non-hazardous auto parts, thousand plus cartons that need to be sorted and segregated by purchase order number, or a 40’ flat rack container shelving a bulldozer, our experience in using transload as a cost effective and time sensitive solution is extremely reliable.

Our team has a strict step by step guideline to follow as presupposed under our transload SOP leaflet to be found here.  Our mission is to provide complete cargo visibility, and that begins with making sure the integrity of your freight is preserved from the moment the cargo arrives at one of our transload warehouses.

Truckload Services

Port X Logistics provides end to end visibility in real time to ensure cargo is staying on route and arriving within the appointed time.  Proof of deliveries sent at time of delivery, not days, weeks after.  If you need guaranteed capacity solutions to ensure there are no delays in your supply chain or delivery to your customers, that’s where we come in.  We are not just a transactional team, we will make sure you get the same coverage no matter what the time of year or situation. 

Crisis Management

An assembly line is on the verge of shutting down production due to part shortage.  A major steam ship line closes its doors with little warning.  A hurricane forces port closures for days signaling significant rail delay.  When circumstances are at their worst Port X is at its best.  We will implement time critical logistics solutions to minimize the impact of these disruptions and bring calm to the storm.

Project Management

We will develop a comprehensive plan for managing your network of shippers and consignees to help reduce cost, streamline processes providing measurable value.   Port X Logistics will assign a dedicated team as an extension of our customers, leverage their industry knowledge and experience to devise creative and cost-effective transportation and logistics solutions