Port X Logistics has assembled a customer centric team that focusses on excellence across supply chain disciplines.  We have combined the best people and best technology to provide customers unbeatable service and visibility for their shipment or their entire supply chain.  We have come together with expertise in Drayage, Trucking, Trans-loading, Logistics, and Supply Chain Solutions.  This has all been wrapped together with state of the art technology.  Allow us to bring IOT and the Internet of Shipping to your world. 

We will provide peace of mind that all the details are taken care of, and deliver real time visibility at your fingertips.  Truly at your fingertips.  Its all available in the cloud on any device at any time.  Need a report or status?  It’s on your phone, tablet, computer in mere clicks.  Collaborate with anyone, anywhere, on any device. 

Silos and departments are a thing of the past at Port X Logistics.  You really do get a single point of contact or single team from inquiry to invoice.  The days of being bounced around are over.  A true collaborative partnership is now available.

Message, e-mail, text, or even call us for a glimpse into our ecosystem.

   We Handle Any Variable